With years of entreprenurial experience, our team can help provide sound advice and valuable support to your company.


Our team of consultants and support staff are always available to help. Communication is the key.  We aim to understand exactly what your business is looking to achieve so we can execute appropriately.


We are always looking to invest into companies that have a great idea and a strong team to execute that idea.  We are typically early investors into startups but also invest into other opportunities where our expertise can still be helpful in the growth of the company or organization.


Choose the right path for your company.  We will work with you to institute an outline for growth that best fits you.

Our deep knowledge in small business execution and digital media allows us to provide real life insights for our partners.


We love the grind of the day to day start up life.  We pride ourselves in our availability and being a great resource for our portfolio companies.  We can be flexible with each company based on how much or how little they want to use our services.

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