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Digital Media has been in our DNA for almost two decades. We have been a part of start-ups that went public, major media conglomerates and a wide array of other digital media start-ups. Over this time we have learned how to start a company, how to create and execute business plans, how to raise money, how to network, and how to execute on mergers and acquisitions.

These vast experiences, good and bad, have allowed us to learn so much about how to run a small business and how to grow. This knowledge is something we truly enjoy discussing with other people. It’s with that joy that we felt it would be fulfilling to help other companies in their journey from a small shop working on a couch or a coffee shop to running a large prosperous organization.

Our team consists of smart, knowledgeable and well-connected industry leaders. They can help navigate the waters of a convoluted, fragmented and confusing digital media landscape.

Our mission is to simplify the digital media landscape in a fun and easy way.

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